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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  December 17, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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how the shooting is going to effect catholic schools. >> the devastation after friday's mass shooting, the latest on the investigation. >> and what are baltimore area schools doik to keep your children safe. >> and the shooting is bringing up a lot of questions about mental healthcare. sgl familiesare grieving nont newtown, connecticut, people were streaming into two funeral homes to say good bye. >> that's right, two victims were laid to rest. six year old noah ponser and jack pinto. theshooters home and the school are still active crime scenes. workers are prepping a site about six miles away o so students can go back to school. >> mrisz did seize evidence
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from his home. >> today, good-byes were longer, hugs were tighter. >> we're putting our children's safety in somebody else's handses and the shooting means local districts are stepping it up. in baltimore, police were stationed outside of schools and they'll be there until further notice. and many other districts are looking at potential vulnerabilities in their buildings. >> we want all principals and building supervisors to walk through every building. at thatpoint, we will have a list compiled for me of things that we know need to be occurring and addressed so we can but put a dollar to it. >> and maryland schools are spoesz supposed to have safety plans and we are told they are all on the sglis it was tough for all on us sending our kids
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back to school. even though it happened hundreds of miles away, people here in maryland were still worried. . >> and like kelly said, our kids are heading back to school and as parents we're still worried about sthar safety. i'mjoined by dr. sharon steven, how do you know our kids are scared, can read their faces? . >> i would say all of us as apasht parents have a heightened sense o of concern, grief, aing psity. >> there's a lot of bullfighting, should i approach them or let them come to me. >> the best way to think about it is if you think your child has had exposure to this, you should start the conversation with them. >> i bet a lot of mom, dad, why are you crying.
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>> yeah, if they've seen you distressed, it's a good time to start the conversation but do it in simple age appropriate terms. >> what -- how do you calm them down? how do we go to tomorrow? they know what happened? . >> i was pleased to see that attendance didn't dip because it's important that we get back into our daily routines. that'spart of it is making sure that you're not exposing them too much to the media coverage of this. . >> we always say our kids are resill yant, this is tough to a- take. >> it is tough for all of us. most kids will move on from this. that being said, for the first fooe few weeks after something like this happens, children are likely to have strong emotions
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at my dinner table with kids, what do you sayover dinner. >> i'm probably saying less than an am listening. i'mlistening to their concerns and fears and then i'm trying to reassure their safety. >> thanks for taking care of us tonight. . >> thank you. >> kelly. >> you know, tonight we're also worrying about the state of mental health care. theshooter, adam lanza, suffered reportly from mental issues. what resources are available here in maryland. rooseveltleftwich is telling us where you can turn. >> there is a stigma associated with mental health issues. thequestion many folks have here is this: was 20 year old adam lanza, the man who killed so many, truly mentally ill. reportedly, his mother told friends that she was afraid he was spiralling out of control. in maryland alone there were
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thousand offense people who could benefit from mental health services but don't get the help they need. leaders are calling for early intervention for children who need help. >> we need mental health benefits. many of our children suffer terrible problems, some have a greater onset in their early 20s. we cannot lelt them fall -- let them fall between the cracks. we also need to look stevie lens that is exposed. >> the state of maryland offers core mental health service in every county. for moreinformation on where you can go, go to >> roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> news of the mass murder
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reached the arj bishop of -- archbishop of baltimore in rome. jeff has more on that story tonight. >> music filled the st. francis chapel at the medical center where the archbishop of baltimore, william lor welcomes the sight to reflect on the shooting. the shooting was in a community where he spent 11 years it's a community i know well and i know many people there and am very fond of the community so the news struck home very personally to me. these arepeople whom i know and whom i served for many years the archbishop says he spent years working with the mon senior of the church there and he or daned two priests there
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who have counselled families since the day of the shooting and now prepare to lay some of a-their little ones to rest at least six that i know of and yes there will be six funerals that i know of at the parish between now and saturday. what tremendous pain and sadness that is yet i think we draw strength as we gather to pray. >> he left those gathered at the chapel with a message of pair. >> especially for those -- prayer. >> especially for those parents who lost their little ones, who suffer the grief like no other grief, for r for the he rowic edge kay tors who gave their lives. and how earnestly we must pray
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to end the culture of death and vie tlaens is so much a part of our larger culture and so that our young #350e78 people, our -- people our little ones will be safe. . > . >> and like public school systems across the land, lori says the kaths lick schools are reviewing their safety mrans and measures for more information subpoena the latest information on the connecticut shooting, head to and you'll see a special section with our coverage. > . >> abc2 news storm center, always working to keep you safe and our concern tonight is this dense fog. visibility will drop even more. we're only at a third of
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visibility. roads aregoing be slick and damp from the mist and more rain pushing in toward the morning commute. therest of the evening, the fog thickening, cool and cloudy with more rain likely by daybreak. so tough times on the roads. we'll talk about how things will change a lot by tomorrow and again on friday. >> all right. mrisz areinvestigating a crash that killed a good samaritan and killed a man. john scott pulled over to help a driver with a flat tire. walter feick also arrived to help. as the two were working to change the tire, a driver lost control of her car. scott fsz killed, fliek was flown to shock trauma. thedriver of the disabled vehicle and the driver who caused the crash, refused medical treatment. >> more ├▒mino carrierringconne
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. >> in only the's consumer alert, worries o about the government coming to an agreement on the fiscal cliff will make it difficult to piece together maryland's state budget. the cliff is making things uncertain since maryland would be hit hard by the federal cuts. the president met with john boehner today who is now agreeing to a higher tax rate on the wilthier americans but there is no deal yet. >> according to triple a,
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speeding tickets in work showns appear to be down significantly. last year nearly half a million tickets were handed out. drivers seem to be learning to slow down. >> you know, the holidays may be the most wonderful time of year but also prime time for scandal. >> if you've brought gifts on line, you may need to be careful. >> you had the glory of snagging cyber monday deals. now while you sit waiting for deliveries, scammers are taking action. >> it's the best time o of year because we are expecting packages. >> and angie with the better business bureau says your expectations put you at risk. scammers know you're waiting so they'll try to trick you. they'll send a text or e-mail o saying your packages can't be
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delivered. . >> it will l prompt you to click on a link and you'll down load an invoice or shipping label. >> but clicking could release a troi trojan tro akriers that collects your information and puts you at risk for identity theft. >> another scam involves e- mails about packages that are ready to drop. they tell you you need to get them now or it will cost you. >> since a sense of urgency is created, they're going to charge you a phi fee every day. >> that scam asks tow click on links. instead just lovers. ifyou're not being taken to a legit site like fedex or ups, don't click. > . >> and if you have still
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presents to buy on line, there is still time left. today hasbeen free shipping day. you'regetting down to the wire. aftertoday you can buy presents on the internet but they may not arrive in time for christmas. . >> toys are us is running a buy one get one-half off promotion on a wide range of products. >> and now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> fog holding tough tonight. take a look, at the tide water marina, we cannot see across the river. that is how thick it is there. you can't make out the seven river here. this is why we're saying slow down on the road. we also have the same deal in
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baltimore. at times,tough to make out the biggest buildings in the city. andthere's the rain and the mist and drizzle. 48 degrees with 100% humidity. we have the low cloud deck, the fog, the mist, and the drizzle and the low visibility. use the low beams tonight. viz blth reports at the top of the hour, not good. less than i third of a mile in baltimore. and right up through central maryland, less than half a mile of viz blth there. --visibility there. it'sdangerous out there. take alook at the wind, not much wind. temperatures cooled to the dew point numbers. now, tomorrow a day of changing weather. we'lllook for weather in the city to warm to the 60s.
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foggy earlybut clearing later in the day. that's the same in howard county. temperatures couldreach as high as the upper 50s. and further norts and east in harford county, maybe not that warm but it will be a day of changing weather. there's thatrain marching in our sdreks now. it will a -- direction now. behind that, some slow clearing. a few showers by mid-morning and then the sun is breaking through. the sun is definitely breaking through wednesday but a new weather make herb comes in thursday. temperature prettypar for the course. temperatures are not going to move a lot over the next couple of days. but colder air will begin to build across the plains and march our way toward the end of
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the week and it will be much chillier by friday. look at the rain to the south. heavy rainmoving in o our direction. dense fog with a few showers tonight and then early tomorrow, dense fog with showers tapering off early. clear and colder tomorrow night. and the next few days, temperatures don't move much but you do see the change by friday. a cold front comes through that could spark rain thursday into thursday night and could spark a wintery mix. the sun comes back friday but it will be chilly around here. all weekend in the low 40s for highs. >> no snow in the forecast? . >> again, not much. . >> all right thanks wyatt. it's a busy week for students at the yurt of -- university of maryland of social work but
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students are actually sending their similar thinks to sympathies to sandy hook. today the event was supposed to give students a break from studying but it's ou r a -- also allowing them to show the victims and their families they care. >> we're creating a banner and giving people a chance to sign that banner and we have paper where people can create individual cards and we'll send them to those phones up there. it's a -- folks up there. >> time is running out for you to help make christmas brighter for local children. there's twodays left to donate to toy drive. bring new, unwrapped toys to any learning center or to our station. for a full list o off drop off locations head to drive.
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. >> tonight coming up after world news, make sure you stay with abc2 news for an all new episodes of the list. . >> we're going behind the scenes and under is sea with our friends at the national aquarium. >>
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. >> before e we goshgs here's a look at what we're working on. >> we're a week left until christmas, you may be running out for last minute gifts but be careful what stores you choose. >> plus the results are certified, we're looking -- going to look a-at which parts o of maryland went for mitt romney and which were for the president if you're out and about tonight, be careful because this fog is terrible. >> had that story about the good samaritan. be careful flt the rain will hold off a little bit. we'll see showers at times but the bigger rain coming overnight and into the morning. tlgs the out look. kriz driz l rain and fog. just be careful through the morning commute. >> that is it for abc2 news at 6:00. we will be back at 11:00.
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